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Your crawlspace or basement is the best place to find mold in your house. It’s simple: basements and crawlspaces are often damp and have poor air circulation.

You should also consider the fact that these spaces below ground are typically used for storage, which can exacerbate mold issues.

You can prevent mold spores from forming in your house for a variety of reasons. It smells terrible, is destructive to any plants it grows, and just plain looks disgusting.

The most significant reason for this is its potential to have serious health consequences on your family and you. One type of black mold can cause severe health problems and is common in homes.

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Mold prevention in your crawlspace or basement is two-step. Controlling humidity and storage smartly are the key steps.

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As mold prevention is a major component of any program, we will first focus on controlling humidity. First, measure humidity levels in the crawlspace or basement. A hygrometer can easily be used to measure humidity in your basement or crawlspace. These can be bought at any local hardware store. In many cases, they are part of a thermometer/hygrometer package.

Your hygrometer can be used to determine the humidity level for several days. Keep track of the moisture level by taking a reading every day for two to three days. You should take a reading every day if the humidity is above 45 percent. If this happens, it’s likely that mold is already growing in your crawl space or basement.

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A thorough inspection of the crawlspace or basement is essential to reduce humidity. Check for moisture in the floor and walls. This can be identified as darkened or stained concrete. You should also look out for cracks in the concrete that allow moisture to seep into the soil. Concrete patching compounds are used to seal cracks in walls and floors. A waterproof concrete sealer can be used to protect the walls.

For humidity to drop, it is important that there is good air circulation. It is a good idea to open any vents or windows and also the basement door once in a while. A fan can also be used to move the air. A dehumidifier is a good option for basements and crawlspaces that are prone to moisture issues.

If your crawl space or basement is used for storage, organizing the items you have stored can help to prevent mold growth. Avoid storing clothes and papers in your basement or crawl space. They attract moisture, hold water and give molds the nutrients they need.

Use cardboard boxes if you have no choice but to store them in your basement. They will be safe from mold and moisture by being stored in plastic containers. Keep them away from the floors and don’t store them near the wall. You can also use vacuum bags for clothes and blanket storage. These storage bags are able to seal and compress their contents, thereby saving space.

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Storage spacing is another important consideration. You should not stack everything in one large pile. You should arrange your items in rows or aisles. This not only makes it easier to locate them but allows for airflow to pass over everything. You will reduce moisture buildup in your items.

It is a bad idea to have mold growing in your crawlspace or basement. If left alone, mold can cause serious damage to or destruction of any items you have stored there. Controlling humidity and properly storing all items is the best way to avoid mold issues.


If you or your family are suffering from black mold symptoms, then there is a good chance you may have a mold problem in your home. A Basement and Crawlspace Huntsville Al inspector will find the issues. 

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