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A 4-point home inspection is a good idea if you are in the market to buy or sell real estate.

It’s important to keep in mind that this doesn’t replace the more thorough and time-consuming home inspection that the seller or realtor will also perform, but it can give you some basic details about how safe the property may be and whether you should pay extra attention to certain areas of the house while performing your own inspection.

Here are four key points to look out for during your 4-point home inspection.


There are four main areas of concern in any home: roof, walls, floors, and foundation. When it comes to basements, you’ll want to pay particular attention to potential flooding. Check for mold and water damage. If there are plumbing issues (low water pressure or leaks), note them too—this is one of those known unknowns that should be planned for in advance.

Don’t worry about air quality in a basement; any elevated carbon monoxide levels should have dissipated by now. However, make sure that if there is a furnace or other gas appliance in your basement, it meets current safety codes and testing standards. You don’t want anyone in your family to fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning!


The attic is an important part of a home inspection. In fact, it’s one of only four parts that make up a complete 4-point inspection (the other three are structure, plumbing, and electrical). Attics are susceptible to mold buildup and should be checked for such issues. If you’re unsure if you have mold in your attic, look for areas with abnormal stains on walls or ceilings.

You may also notice increased odor around these stains. Such conditions can indicate mold growth which should be addressed immediately by a professional to avoid health risks like allergies and asthma attacks.


Inspect your roof regularly for signs of wear and tear. A simple way to do so is to take a ladder and climb up onto your roof in several places. Look for missing or damaged shingles, signs of leaks around chimneys or skylights, and large cracks that might indicate weak spots that need attention. Also, make sure that no branches are growing overhanging your roof; they can cause leaking as well as damage to shingles. If you notice any problems, call a professional immediately. Many minor issues can be corrected quickly and relatively cheaply if they’re dealt with promptly. Waiting until they become more serious can cost more in terms of both money and effort later on.


When performing a 4-point home inspection, you should always start with windows. Look around all of them and inspect them. Windows are generally exposed to air quality (inside or outside), which is why they should be inspected carefully. Depending on how old your home is, you might see cracked or broken windows that need replacing immediately. Check for bubbling paint around frames, wobbly frames, and loose hardware and locks.

4 Point Home Inspection Key Takeaways

Regardless of whether you’re a home buyer or looking to sell your home, it is worth investing in a professional 4-point home inspection. Using detailed checklists and following industry best practices, inspectors perform an exhaustive survey of a home’s exterior and interior with particular attention to four key points: foundation, roofing, plumbing, and electrical. While not every inspection will uncover major issues (if they exist), most inspections will identify small problems that are easy to fix or prevent.

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